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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Louie85, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    I've got me AOSB coming up on 20/10/09 and the only area (Phys wise) that concerns me is the push-ups. Now as I'm sure you're aware you only need to do 44 consecutively but I have been off training and can just about reach the 44 (perfect form).

    However this does not factor in the fact that I may well be completing the press-up test after running the MSFT and sit-ups (both of which I'm fine with).

    So I am looking to be able to do at least 50 good form press-ups. What is the best way of going about this considering I have only 9/10 days left. I have been doing the 100 press-ups regime and found it good but hard, would it be better to just bust out my maximum every other day? Also how many rest days should I leave before the test (I was thinking 2).

    I have searched for press-up routines and found loads on the site but none that are that short term.

    Thanks in advance
  2. According to MATT 2 (the document that dictates how Army physical training is conducted), you will carry out the press-ups part of the test FIRST. That should assuage your immediate concerns.

    If you want to improve, my tried-and-tested method is to max out your reps in the morning (in this example, we'll use 70), then, whenever you get a break during the day, do 10% of your maximum (in this case, 7), as many times during the day as you can. Carry this out for a fortnight (not your time-scale, I know), and you'll see improvements. Remember to have rest-days (yes, really), in between doing this, even doing press-ups will cause your muscles fatigue.

    Also, don't do any the day before you go, use that day as a rest day, and make sure you hydrate the night before if you're worried. You need to be peeing clear ideally, but not so much that you feel bloated for the run.

    Best of British to you!

  3. Tango,

    cheers for the advice and the reassurance! I've got plenty of other things to work on for Main Board so to get this squared away would really rest my mind!!

    I've never come across your method before and it sounds like something that would be good especially as I am only looking to gain 5/6 in a week which i'll certainly try and achieve.

    I've been a weights fanatic since the age of 16 (i'm now 24) but I was really surprised as to how few press-ups I could manage (especially as I can bench a fair amount)

    anyway, cheers for the tips!

  4. Try this, I saw results after the first week. It's quite demanding, getting down every hour or less is easy to forget but just do as much as you can.

    Relative intensity is the percentage of your 100% test, Set frequency is obviously the rate at which you will do it.

    WEEK 1

    Mon: 100% test, relative intensity (RI) 30% Set frequency (SF) 60 min
    Tues: RI 50% SF 60 min
    Wed: RI 60% SF 45 min
    Thurs: RI 25% SF 60 min
    Fri: RI 45% SF 30 min
    Sat: RI 40% SF 60 min
    Sun: RI 20% SF 90 min

    WEEK 2

    Mon: 100% test RI 35% SF 45min
    Tues: RI 55% SF 20 min
    Wed: RI 30% SF 15 min
    Thurs: RI 65% SF 60min
    Fri: RI 35% SF 45 min
    Sat: RI 45% SF 60 min
    Sun: RI 25% SF120 min

    WEEK 3

    Mon: 100% test

    Edit: are you sure you have to do 44 consecutive press-ups? I have no experience of AOSB but on any PFT you can take quick rests.
  5. do lots of pull ups fella
  6. Cheers for that hedphelym, looks pretty good, i've got plenty of spare time so that will help!!

    In terms of completing the press-ups consecutively, you are right that breaks can be taken. However I have been told that it's best to bust them out a quickly as possible as the last guys/girls to finish attract the attention of the DS and so their technique is scrutinised more closely!

    BIPOLAR, I agree that pull ups are simply an amazing upper-body work out however I suck at them and have decided to leave them be until after AOSB!

    Huey rat, I have been doing the 100 press-ups routine and found it good, however I found the week on week progression too much and I think this may be to do with the fact that it is designed for the easier "wide stance" press ups as opposed to the ARMY style?!

    Cheers, Lou
  7. I would say the best technique for the press-ups test is doing a "pyramid" structure. Meaning, smash out 10, few seconds rest, smash out 9, rest, then 8, rest, 7. etc.. Or start with a higher number like 20, if you like.

    If you work towards that method, I always found it helped me not only do more, but also got me faster at doing them. I always have to keep on top of my press-ups, and I've found that a good way of staying motivated to do them and also get better results is variety every 2-3 weeks or so. Try 3 different routines in a constant cycle. It would at least tell you which one works best for you.
  8. I'm assuming this is a wah?
  9. Can you make the 44 in 2 mins with a rest period? Say bash out the first 30 then rest for a min then the last 14?

    If so then you are good to go, you don't have to get to 44 straight aslong as you get there in 2 mins its sorted

    Good luck!
  10. Cheers Hedphelym, I reckon the pyramid method could be the way for me, I used to do it years ago as a warm up for a weights session and strangely quite enjoy it!!

    Kyle, yeah I can get the 44, I'm just making sure i'll smash it!! I find after just one week off doing regular press-ups my ability just disappears so I better keep on top of it this week!!