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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by poet, May 29, 2005.

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  1. may sound bit stupid but i can do 55 press up in 2 mins the only prob is wen i do my press ups my shoulders click nearly each time any thing i can do to stop this? going on my 2 day selaction soon so want this sorted any help or links be great

  2. It's just age, joints are giving up :)
  3. :oops: am only 18 so i hope not age :lol:
  4. You dont do any pressups at RSC
  5. i fort u had to do 55 press up 50 sit ups heaves carry 2 jerry cans and run 1.5 mile in 11 mins something thats what i bean told any way and hold a ammo box and do as many heaves as possible???????????????????????????????????????????????/
  6. Im on selection in a few weeks as well
  7. Hope you don't have to pass Key Stage 2 English test. :roll:
  8. no press ups, sit ups, ammo box or bleep test any more.
    2 jerry cans yep, 1.5 mile run (aim for under 10 mins)yep, heaves best effort yep, but also static lift, a back excercise to see how much you can carry, team tasks (v important) and an interview (also v important).

    the clicking ..... take more cod liver oil or do womans press ups to relieve the stress on your sholders :roll: :wink:
  9. Try this one mate . Take cod liver oil tablets . It may take a while to work , but it helps out with all of your joints etc . By the time your in training you will get full advantage of them . I take them everyday .
  10. ok cheers mate one more thing about the rsc do you know any web sites that state u dont have to do press up and sit up jsut so i can be sure recruiter told me i have to do them but he away at the moment so cant find out any links i could see?
  11. It's easy to count my BPFA sit ups because I click with every one!! :? :D
  12. POET - Dont worry too much about it . As long as you are doing a bit of training 5 days out of 7 and you are not kicking the arrse out of it you will be fine , trust me . When you get at RSC you will look at some of the other tossers and think why was i worried . Good luck . Oh yes 50 prees ups and 60 sit ups before you go to bed same again when you wake up . No worries .cheers recce
  13. I did RSC about a Month back, You dont do any pressups, situps or ammo box hold at RSC. You only do:

    1.5 Mile run
    Jerry can
    Back extension
    Static lift
    & Lift 55kg's to 1.45 metres(Height of 4 tonne truck)

  14. The clicking is becuase your feeble weak body isn't used to getting out from behind the Playstation and W#nk mags. Just do the bleedin press ups and stop whining you limp wristed gimp. At 18 you should be able to do 50+ c0ck push ups never mind a measly few press ups.

    Oh and good point by Murielson, learn to speak and write English as no one likes a Chav.
  15. Enlightened_One shut up you ******* prick

    I ******* write how i want to ! And i aint ******* chav