Press up bars: wow!

On the recommendation of someone on this site I got myself a pair of these:

And holy cow they work. For a week, everytime I did press ups, I used them and then after a week I took a rest day and tested myself on press ups the regular way (hands on the floor).

Well I went from being able to do 28 in a row to being able to do 40 and my score in 2 mins went from 46 to 53.

Get some! Cheap as chips so its definately worth a shot.

Try doing them on 2 footballs for an even better workout or on a plank of 4 by 2 about 3ft long balancing on a golf ball
Thanks for the ideas will try them out!

Used to do the one arm basket ball press ups after watching rocky too many times lol I can imagine two fotballs would be solid.

The golf ball one is very good,trying to balance gets your shoulders,have a look for a book by Brad Johnson called Bodyweight exercises for extraordinary strength,some of the stuff he does is incredible
Thanks for the advice, I bought a set of these a couple of years ago and like every other bit of fitness equipment I buy they are gathering dust.

I have the motivation to do press ups every day but not the motivation to go to my cupboard and get the kit to assist me to do them.

I'll give it a go.
Had you done the same amount of training without using them how many might you have achieved?
The reason they work is because they give you a greater range of movement, in other words your chest goes lower to reach the floor, forcing your muscles to do more work. Another way to get the same result would be to try doing press-ups on your fists, held in parallel, just like you would hold the bars. Your position would be higher if you support yourself on your fists than on your hands, and your chest will drop lower to reach the floor, giving you an increased range of motion.
762baynet said:
Had you done the same amount of training without using them how many might you have achieved?
Actually I didnt alter my training in any way except the use of the bars. My routine is doing 100 press ups through out the day, usually in sets of 20, every other day. Kept to it, just used the bars instead.


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