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Press TV - are you bored and feel like baiting idiots?

I've been incredibly bored of late and whilst browsing Sky TV - I've found a news channel called PressTV - turns out it's an Iranian news channel and the majority of their reporting is a greater work of fiction than Lord of the Rings - it'll either have you laughing your tits off or shouting at the TV. It's mostly anti-British, anti-semitic, anti-US, The West, Europe etc etc
So, having found their website Press TV I've discovered that you can leave comments on their news and some of the comments are pant wettingly funny filled with paranoia, blatant racism, rants about Jews and so on. The problem is they obviously have a censor who okays your comments but he doesn't have a very good grasp of subtlety or irony. The challenge is to leave a comment which humiliates the other posters but outfox the censor at the same time and it's bloody good fun if you're bored!

Top tip - don't criticise Iran/Muslims/Press TV directly or take the piss out of their military blatantly as it's a non starter!

You can make up a different name/email address every time you comment.....:)


Book Reviewer
I would love to try to bait some loons, but I suspect the website will fall foul of the intranet censorship at work. So I'll stick to doing it on here :)