Press scum

I know I shouldn't post when drinking but I have just been watching the news!
Another soldier dead in Afganistan and the press have managed to get a grieving mother to state that "our boys shold not be there!" God that makes me angry, press scum go along to a grieving mother and get her to make a political statement, then splash it all over the news. Like that Glasgow woman who tried to sue the MOD(not that I have any time for that bunch of crooks!) for not keeping her son safe - he was in the infantry. Compare that to the dignified response from many parents recently saying their son died doing what he wanted to do, in the service of his country. You're in the army - you don't decide where you serve or if you want be there, the government do that -right or wrong. Aren't the press such scumbags? I am glad that in the past I have managed to screw them up once or twice! :x
Standby, standby

I can't remember where it was written, but somone once wrote that:
Publicity is the oxygen that terrorists need to breathe
So tell me what is so newsworthy about internicene feuding within a football squad, or worse, within a specific political party.

Politicians owe their position in life to
1. the cronies that devided to put them up as a candidate.
2. But moreso to the electorate that put them there in the first place.

What goes on inside the Labout party is of no interest to me and I'm confident plenty of others feel the same. so just why do these journos think that we are going to be in the slightest bit interested?

Perhaps I can throw some light on the topic....

The late pa-sonic, God bless him, was unlike me a pretty moral sort of guy, having spent most of WW2 in a PoW camp and gone round Belsen only weeks after it was liberated he had a clear view what democarcy was about.

A member of the Guild of British Newspaper Editors he was the editor of a provincial paer with a circulation of over 1M. When I was 14 an election comes round and the local constituency of a particular party moves into the newroom, lock stock and barrel starts using all the phones, faxes and photocopiers and passing suggested copu over to some of the reporters and sub-editors.
When Pa sonic asks WTF is going on he is told that this happens every election and if Pa sonic has any issues he should speak to board of directors of the International media chain that owns the paper.

Pa throws a track, or whatever civvies do, and slings them out, ranting about the impartiality of the press. 20 Minutes later the phone rings and the chairman of the board rings and says to Pa either they stay or you go.

Pa resigned on the spot walking away from a highly paid job with stacks of perks, car and interest free mortgage on a haouse wothr over £1M today.

His 30 year carrear in journalism was ruined, he never recovered. We were all financially poorer, at times poverty stricken, but in moral terms, rich beyond our wildest dreams.

Thats how the press manage to print stories that seem to have no appeal to the man in the street.

Now, whilst I'm on let turn to leadership in the Labour Party. Spoons used to use the phrase " damed by faint praise" and I think that Gordon Brown has shown a singular lack of leadership and moral fiber this week.

If he can't stand up and either say what he thinnks, or support his next door neighbour when there are rounds coming in, I dont hold up much hope when the country's real hour of need is upon us.

Blokes are dying out there with poor kit, who gives a t055 whats happening in the Labour party :x
Erm...hi. Hope you don't me putting in my own tuppen'orth...

I think part of the problem with our current crop of politicians is that few - if any - have ever served in the military, and therefore just don't have the slightest clue about the realities involved with conventional and counter-terrorist warfare - it's Ivory Tower Syndrome. Please let me know if I'm mistaken, but what we need are more former members of the Armed Forces, or members of the TA, to run for public office. Hopefully that might restore a smidgeon or two of sanity to this country...
No offence intended to pa - subsonic who was clearly an honourable man - there are exceptions of course - but I have found the press, certain members of, do not allow the truth to interfer with a good story. Otherwise how would the likes of that fraudster and Spymaster Ingram exist!!