Press release: UK welcomes adoption of UNSC resolution on aid access to Syria

Commenting today, Philip Hammond said:

The conflict in Syria has left more than 12.2 million people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The Assad regime continues to block the delivery of food and medicines to those in need. With the onset of winter, the already dire humanitarian situation is set to deteriorate further. The Security Council resolution passed today is a welcome step and will ensure cross-border aid access into Syria can continue for another 12 months.

The UK has been at the forefront of the humanitarian response in Syria. We have worked closely with partners on the Security Council to ensure the early renewal of this resolution, which will give UN agencies more time to plan their aid deliveries. The UK is providing £700 million of funding to Syria and the region. Delivering aid to hard to reach areas remains challenging, but we will continue to support the effort to reach those Syrians most in need.
Further information

  1. UNSC Resolution 2191 renews the provisions of UNSC Resolution 2165, which authorised the UN to use four specific border crossings to enable cross-border humanitarian access, with a light-touch monitoring mechanism, overriding the need for consent from the Syrian regime.

  2. Resolution 2165 was given a 6 month mandate, which would end on the 10 January. The newly adopted resolution provides for an additional 12 months of cross-border access, whilst retaining the monitoring mechanism of the previous resolution.
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