Press release: UK urges all parties in Lebanon to prioritise national interest

Ministry of Defence said:
Commenting after the Lebanese Prime Minister Mikati offered his resignation, Foreign Secretary William Hague said:
We are monitoring the situation in Lebanon carefully, following Prime Minister Mikati’s offer of resignation. I am also very concerned about the violence in Tripoli in recent days.
As I saw for myself last month, the crisis in Syria presents Lebanon with mounting challenges. Prime Minister Mikati is playing an important role in responding to those challenges and I pay tribute to his efforts.
It is critical that all parties in Lebanon prioritise national interests and work to form a more consensual government. It is also critical that they reach a broad consensus to enable parliamentary elections to take place within the legal and constitutional framework and to support the work of the Lebanese security forces to maintain peace and protect Lebanon’s territorial integrity. We fully support the efforts of President Sleiman in this process.
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William Hague's opinion carries about as much gravitas on the world stage as mine, the ineffectual walking cliché.

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