Press release: RAF aircraft to fly vital UK aid relief to Mozambique

Don't let politicians or the military anywhere near it.

Flew for the annual Moz flood relief ops a couple of times (it happens every year, regular as clockwork). Govt tried to rip off a load of SA private aircraft owners flying in supplies when they hit them with punitive overflight, landing and parking fees for what were effectively bush strips. Made no difference that they were bringing in relief supplies they'd paid for from their own pockets or donated by concerned groups trying to help.

Mil and govt types would hit the docks and go through the relief supplies that had been offloaded, taking what they wanted and allowing what was left through to be distributed. You'd see the stuff in the markets that same day, often still bearing the labels 'A gift from the people of (insert bleeding heart country)'.
The sad and frightening thing is that millions believe that to be true and will happily fuck themselves by keeping the despots du jour cosied up to the gravy trough, as long as whitey is seen to be taking some of the flak.


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Could be a good photo op for the A400.
Bebetter off sending the supplies in by Boeing 737 Max, after ensuring the pilots have parachutes. It wouldn't matter if the supplies were splashed all over the Ulu, they still be able to make some use of it.

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