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Press release: Press briefing: noon 11 June 2013

Ministry of Defence said:
[h=2]Cabinet[/h] Asked about the PM’s discussions at Cabinet, the PMS reiterated the importance of growth, the progress that had been made and the further work that was being undertaken. Questions were also raised on whether the PM was happy with the current state of affairs. The PMS made clear that he expected Cabinet to consider progress that had been made but was not going to highlight any key areas as it was for individual departments to answer. The PMS did give an example and said that shared equity was making good progress and repeated the importance of the growth agenda.
Questions were also raised on whether Cabinet discussed the issue of rural broadband and if the PM believed that the role of broadband is falling behind schedule. The PMS made clear that good progress is being made and the government is focused on the policy, with 100,000 new homes having access to super fast broadband each week. The PMS was also questioned on whether the PM shared his views at Cabinet on Bilderberg. It was emphasised that the details of what was discussed at Cabinet have already been made clear.
[h=2]Director of Public Prosecution’s (DPP) letter[/h] The PMS was asked about the Director of Public Prosecution’s letter on communications data, the prosecutions of terrorists and whether the PM is concerned or alarmed by the correspondence. The PMS made clear that the government is currently considering how best organisations can keep up with technology with policy developments continuing.
[h=2]Turkey[/h] The PMS was asked whether the PM is concerned about what is happening in Turkey and whether the unrest will further add to those that want to block the country’s membership from the EU. The PMS said the UK is firmly committed to the accession process and on the unrest would continue to urge constraint on all sides. Questioned about the current travel advice issued by FCO, the PMS made clear that UK citizens travelling to Turkey should avoid areas where there is disruption.
[h=2]Spending Review[/h] Asked about whether the PMS had any update on departmental savings ahead of the Spending Review, the PMS made clear there was no information to share at this stage.
[h=2]Fizzy drinks[/h] Asked whether the PM thinks schools should ban fizzy drink machines. The PMS said the government had a very active public health agenda.


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