Press release: Press briefing: morning 3 June 2013

Ministry of Defence said:
[h=2]Sarkozy[/h]Asked about the PM’s meeting with former French president Sarkozy, the PMS said it was a private meeting in Downing Street and reflected the good nature of the working relationship they had when he was in office.
[h=2]Lobbyists[/h]Asked about the government’s work on introducing a statutory register of lobbyists, the PMS said that the government had made a commitment in the Coalition Agreement, which remained. A green paper had been published and received a number of responses. Cross government work was ongoing and proposals would be set out in the near future. On the issue of power of recall, the government had published a white paper and draft Bill. Responses had not returned a clear consensus and work was also on going. Asked about Lynton Crosby’s role with relation to the government, the PMS said that he was an employee of the Conservative Party.
[h=2]Extremism taskforce[/h]Asked about the PM’s task force on tackling extremism and radicalisation, the PMS said that the point of the taskforce was to look at what further measures could be taken to disrupt extremist activity and tackle radicalisation. The taskforce would meet regularly and would look at extremism and radical ideology across the spectrum.


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