Press release: Press briefing: morning 22 October 2014

Independent panel inquiry into child sexual abuse

When asked about the independent panel inquiry into child sexual abuse, the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesperson (PMOS) said the Prime Minister had full confidence in Fiona Woolf, adding she brought experience to the inquiry panel from her time as President of the Law Society, and elsewhere. The PMOS also noted the experience of the wider inquiry panel, including 2 members who had been victims of abuse in the past, bringing with them experience of their work with other victims too. With regard to the publishing of an interim report, the PMOS said one would be published by the end of March 2015.

Extremism taskforce

When asked about a meeting of the extremism taskforce, the PMOS said one of the main items being discussed would be measures to boost the Charity Commission’s ability to tackle potential abuses in the third sector.

Foreign offenders

When asked about a National Audit Office report into foreign offenders, the PMOS said the Home Office was leading the way, including the new and additional measures included in the Immigration Act, to enable the government to do more in this area. The policy of ‘deport first, appeal later’; the reduction from 17 to 4 routes of appeal for deportations; immigration officers being stationed in police stations; and the UK’s continuing work with international partners to manage immigration being 4 examples of recent government measures to address the issue, the PMOS added.

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"Charity Commission’s ability to tackle potential abuses in the third sector."


The third sector? WTF is that supposed to mean.

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