Press release: Press briefing: afternoon 5 September 2013

Ministry of Defence said:
[h=2]Planning reform[/h]Asked about the Planning Minister’s comments on complainants about the planning reforms, the PMS said that engaging with local people and seeking their views was at heart of the new system, which was an important part of the government’s economic reforms.
[h=2]Children’s bedrooms[/h]Asked about the Education Secretary’s comment that every child needed their own bedroom, the PMS said the government believed that children should have the very best start in life, and that was the heart of its education reform.
[h=2]Sex education[/h]Asked about the Education Secretary supposedly blocking the Deputy Prime Minister’s (DPM) plans to introduce a new sex education curriculum, the PMS said that the government had recently reviewed the sex education curriculum and there was clear guidance that schools and teachers should base their teaching on the latest advice from independent expert groups. It went alongside all the government’s other recent measures to protect the safety of children.
[h=2]Network Rail[/h]Asked what the PM thought of the new Network Rail boss receiving a salary £80,000 higher than his predecessor, the PMS said that as an independent company, remuneration was a matter for National Rail. However, the civil service pay freeze, public sector pension reform and 5% cut in ministerial salaries sent a clear message about the PM’s views on pay restraint.
[h=2]Lobbying Bill[/h]Asked would the government rethink the Lobbying Bill in light of opposition, the PMS explained that ministers had engaged with a number of organisations with concerns and the bill would continue through the House following its second reading.


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