Press release: Press briefing: afternoon 4 September 2013

Ministry of Defence said:
[h=2]PM appointments[/h]The Prime Minister’s spokesperson (PMS) outlined that Ivan Rogers, the Prime Minister’s adviser on Europe and global issues, had been appointed to be the UK’s Permanent Representative to the European Union. He would be replaced by Tom Scholar, the second Permanent Secretary at the Treasury.
[h=2]Syria[/h]Asked what the government hoped to achieve from the Foreign Secretary’s meeting with the Syrian opposition, The Syrian National Council, tomorrow, the PMS explained that it was part of the UK’s on-going work to get a political and diplomatic solution to the crisis.
Asked if Iran had replied to the PM’s letter to its new President last month, the PMS explained the PM had not yet received a letter in response. Asked if the UK’s future relationship with Iran would be based on the Iranian response to the 2011 attack on the British embassy, the PMS said the importance the PM attached to this was reflected in the fact he raised it in Prime Minister’s Questions in the House.
Asked if Danny Alexander’s Parliamentary Private Secretary, Lorely Burt MP, would lose her job for opposing the government motion on Syria, like Jesse Norman MP had, the PMS explained the decision regarding Mr Norman MP was a matter for the Conservative Party.


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