Press release: Press briefing: afternoon 3 September 2014

ONS figures

When asked about the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) growth revision for the UK economy, the Prime Minister’s Spokesperson (PMS) said it is further evidence the government’s long term economic plan is working, but said the job is not yet done.

Terror measures

When asked about potential anti-terror measures to combat the threat of extremism, the PMS said the government is looking in detail at how British nationals can be temporarily excluded from the UK. The PMS said the government wanted to complete this as quickly as possible.

Compulsory setting

When asked about the government’s policy on compulsory ‘setting’ in schools, the PMS said the Prime Minister thinks we need to continue to look at all the ways for every child to get the targeted support they need so they can fulfil their talents and aspirations to the full.

Russia sanctions

When asked about EU sanctions on Russia, the PMS said the government has been pushing for further sanctions on both individuals and entities. The PMS outlined the action already taken by the government, including the suspension of exports for technology linked to the Russian oil, gas and mining sectors.

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