Press release: PM phone call with President Obama: May 2014

Following the phone call, a Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister spoke to President Obama yesterday evening ahead of seeing each other at the G7 meeting in Brussels next week.

The call focused on Afghanistan, following the President’s visit there at the weekend and in the context of the end of ISAF combat operations at the end of this year. They discussed the latest situation on the ground, including the successful first round in the Presidential election; the prospects of the US signing a Bilateral Security Agreement with the next Afghan President; and the capability of Afghan forces. And the President set out his thinking on the US military commitment to Afghanistan from 2015 onwards.

They also discussed the situation in Ukraine following yesterday’s Presidential election and agreed that the G7 must send a clear message of support to the Ukrainian government at next week’s summit in Brussels. Finally, they agreed to have a more in-depth discussion on Syria next week in the margins of the G7 meeting, particularly how the UK and US can work together to tackle the ongoing threat to our national security.

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Was it along the lines of "Help me, Obama-1-Kenobi, your my only hope"?

or just "Whaaaa, no-one likes me, they all voted for the nasty boy who stole my trainers and chucked them on the powerlines"
Was it a reverse change call, he should try and cutting costs to central government, were he can.
I wouldn't credit Cameron with much, but I fear he's canny enough to realise that if he tried to reverse the charges, Obama'd do the telephone equivalent of hiding behind the sofa when the insurance man knocks.

edit to add : Actually my mind just popped up a memory of Derek + Clive, and now all I can imagine is Obama answering the phone and saying 'Hello, c@nt" in Peter Cook's voice

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