Press release: Minister for Africa urges restraint after dismissal of South Sudanese

Ministry of Defence said:
FCO Minister for Africa Mark Simmonds said:
I have been concerned by the growing political divisions in South Sudan over the past months, culminating in the decision of President Salva Kiir Mayardit to dismiss his Vice President and all Ministers from the Government of South Sudan on 23 July.
At a time when South Sudan faces many challenges internally and in its relations with Sudan, it needs strong united leadership, committed to responding to the needs of its people, and resolving its internal conflicts and disputes with Sudan.
I therefore encourage President Kiir to act quickly to appoint a new government, in accordance with the Interim Constitution, that reflects the diverse groups in South Sudanese society.
I strongly urge all groups and individuals to respond in a measured and peaceful manner, and to work together to maintain security and the rule of law. We will look to them to engage constructively in the democratic process, for the benefit of South Sudan’s peaceful development.
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I am surprised that we have a 'Minister for Africa'. I thought that it was compose of independent countries. Does this mean that we have a minister for south america? of asia? please God not one for India. We need to check the woodwork for parasites.

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