Press release: Foreign Secretary visits GCHQ

Ministry of Defence said:
Foreign Secretary William Hague paid a routine visit to GCHQ on Thursday 1 August in his capacity as Secretary of State responsible for the Intelligence and Security agency.
During the visit he was briefed on cyber security and intelligence operations, and met some of GCHQ’s apprentices. He also addressed staff.
During the visit he said:
It’s easy to forget that a safe and secure Olympics didn’t happen last year by accident. Our intelligence, security and law enforcement community made a decisive difference and continues to do so.
GCHQ’s world-class capabilities and tradecraft are fundamental to this. Those who threaten our national security, through terrorist acts, organised crime and cyber-attacks, should be aware that this country has the capability, skills and partnerships to protect its citizens against the full range of threats in the 21st century. Our adversaries’ approach and techniques are constantly changing and our intelligence agencies are faced with a tremendous challenge to keep pace. They are responding to this challenge with commitment, creativity and integrity: they act in full accordance with our laws and values.
The British people can have confidence and pride in the way our Intelligence Agencies work to keep them safe.
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