Press release: Foreign Secretary marks World Refugee Day

Ministry of Defence said:
Commenting today, the Foreign Secretary said:
Conflict displaces millions of people around the world each year. For many of them that means going on to live their lives as refugees for decades: with their families torn apart, their children denied education, and their hopes and dreams for the future obliterated.
World Refugee Day is a time for us to remember the refugees and displaced people worldwide who bear these terrible burdens through no fault of their own. And it is a day for governments around the world to redouble their work to support refugees, to recommit themselves to the resolution of conflicts, and to make greater efforts to prevent them in the first place.
This week the UK announced a further £175m in funding for Syrian refugees. But above all we are working to find a political solution to the crisis to prevent the number of victims growing.
On top of all the things our Government is doing to help refugees internationally, my own personal priority is to urge the world to do more to prevent rape and sexual violence in conflict. Refugees are often the people most vulnerable in the world to these terrible abuses. Next week in New York I will call on the UN Security Council to rise to this challenge for our generation.
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