Press release: Foreign Secretary condemns use of force against protestors in Egypt

Ministry of Defence said:
Speaking this morning, William Hague, the Foreign Secretary said:
I am deeply concerned by recent events in Egypt, and condemn the use of force against protesters which has led to the loss of lives.
I call on all sides to refrain from violence. Now is the time for dialogue, not confrontation. It is the responsibility of leaders on all sides to take steps to reduce tensions.
I call on the Egyptian authorities to respect the right of peaceful protest, to cease the use of violence against protestors, including live fire, and to hold to account those responsible.
I also call on the Egyptian authorities to release political leaders detained following the events of 3 July, or charge them in accordance with the law. Such charges must be free from any suspicion that they are politically motivated.
In our view, Egypt needs a political process that includes all groups on an equal footing leading to early and fair elections which all parties are able to contest.
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