Press release: Foreign Secretary concerned at reports of chemical attack in Syria

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Aug 21, 2013.

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  2. They never learn.:roll:

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  3. Cameron and the Etonians want a jolly old war.
  4. What with?

    We don't want to fight
    But by Jingo if we do!
    We don't have the Men
    We don't have the Ships
    We don't have the Money too!
  5. I read somewhere that The US is the worlds biggest arms manufacture, followed in 2nd place by us in the UK, the UK is also the worlds biggest pharmaceutical manufacture. Guns and drugs is what we are good at and just the sort of thing useful to sell in wars

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  6. They will find the money for a shoestring token effort to back up the septics.

    We have a broken NHS, a ****ed Police force, totally raped public services, an overpaid political system and a huge aid budget....... I guarantee the last 2 wont be touched
  7. Sceptical lot, aren't you? This doesn't mean we'll ever be going to, couldn't possibly...
  8. Hague. Has he 'come out' yet?
  9. Come out of Lord Coe?
  10. Free to a good home, (well a donation to HOLS FOR HEROES)

    Survive To Fight 70's/80's edition,

    Kept my skills honed in preparation for the Ruski's crossing the IGB.

    Will throw in a copy of Basic Battle Skills from the same period.

    Sorry no S6 or that 'RIFLE' available.