Press release: Foreign Secretary and Cypriot Foreign Minister celebrate bilateral tie

Ministry of Defence said:
The Foreign Secretary William Hague hosted Mr Kasoulides for lunch – their first formal meeting and an opportunity to further strengthen the warm and historic ties between the UK and Cyprus. Mr Kasoulides was paying his second visit to London since taking office in March.
The Foreign Secretary said:
The strong bilateral relationship between the UK and Cyprus brings benefits to us both, and we are keen to improve it even further. I assured Mr Kasoulides of the UK’s practical support as Cyprus tackles its economic difficulties, including cooperation in taking forward reforms.
We did of course talk about the ongoing division of Cyprus, and the Cypriots can count on the UK to support renewed efforts for a comprehensive settlement. I also want us to continue cooperation on our Sovereign Base Areas. As valued partners in the EU, we discussed how to make the EU more competitive and effective. Mr Kasoulides and I exchanged views on a range of issues of common concern, including Syria.
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