Press release: Foreign Secretary’s Ramadan message

Ministry of Defence said:
The Foreign Secretary William Hague said:
At the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, I send my warmest wishes to Muslims in Britain and across the world and wish you “Ramadan Mubarak”.
Ramadan is a time for reflection and contemplation, for charity and compassion, and for friends and families to turn their thoughts to those less fortunate. In particular, we must not forget the appalling suffering in Syria, affecting all Syria’s communities. Our thoughts are particularly with Syrian refugees marking Ramadan far from friends and family across the Middle East. The British Government has pledged support of £348million in humanitarian and development aid since the start of the Syria crisis. While humanitarian assistance can bring some relief, it cannot solve the Syrian crisis. That is why the UK Government will continue in our tireless work to see peace, security and stability restored to Syria, and to support all those suffering from poverty, repression and conflict around the globe.
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Are his thought 'particularly' with the 10% of Syrians who are Christians too?
And not forgetting the 3% Druze.
Ramadan must be bloody easy for Muslims who do night shifts.

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