Press release: Foreign Office Minister calls for political process to address violenc

Ministry of Defence said:
Speaking about violence in Iraq, Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East Alistair Burt said:
The violence in Iraq over the last week is of great concern. The vast majority of Iraqis do not want to return to the sectarian conflict of the past, but want to build a stable, prosperous and democratic country. It is vital that all political and religious leaders now act responsibly to prevent the situation deteriorating, and find an inclusive and peaceful process that responds to the demands of all sections of Iraqi society. I welcome signs that some are willing to do so, but this will require concerted effort from all sides.
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Well, that'll bring decades of internecine conflict to a condign end. Go, Team Blighty.
Can't we send Blair in to sort it out.

After all, he is the "Special Envoy" to the middle east.


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