Press/Government "Partnership" Hailed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. The National Union of Journalists and the Blair government are planning a "launch" ceremony, at which they will announce their "partnership". According to John Fray, the NUJ's deputy general secretary, this collaboration will "promote awareness among journalists of the issues that surround the struggle against poverty on a world scale... We want to help the media to tell it like it is."

    "Sleeping With The Enemy" by John Pilger. June 2005

    There's a huge supply of reference material on "the struggle against poverty" available at any university library and on the Internet. Anyone can read or write cogently about it without any help from New Labor or the National Union of Journalists.

    The purpose of the press, in a free society, is to help keep it free by exposing the wrongdoing of public officials.

    The purpose of the press, in a totalitarian society, is to tell the public what the government wants the public to believe.

    The Nazis had a word for the subordination of formerly private institutions, particulary the cinema and the newspapers, to the Nazi Party. They called in Gleichanschaltung. ("Coordination")

    This "partnership" between the NUJ and Blair government means the same thing.

  2. The Pilger article is excellent, extremely worrying, but not unexpected given the track record of successive new labour administrations. However, the bedfellows are too strange to make a close analogy with Nazi Germany. There are enough 'wised up' people in the NUJ to prevent Pilger's worst fears coming to pass, despite the dodgy leadership. Pilger doesn't make the connection with Nazi Germany, and the masses were largely ignorant to the true import of such events in pre-war Deutschland getting carried along with the national 'socialist' fervour and the frenzy that was whipped up.

    As for that in italics above, this may be the purpose, but it's largely not the practice in this free society of ours - save for some notable exceptions (what with Blair being firmly in the pockets of a certain Australian turned American private individual who values his privacy, and keeps a relatively low profile considering he's the main protagonist, playing a very active role in turning people against each other. Let's dumb it down and hang the ideas of being civilised and tolerant and educated - it doesn't sell papers!!)
  3. I'm no fan of Pilger; he's never let his emotions get in the way of the truth (!), but I agree wholeheartedly here. Government has no damned business being in "partnership" with the fourth estate. And particularly not this one.