Press freedom in the United Kingdom

A recent report released by Reporters Sans Frontieres(reporters without borders) lists the index of press freedom in each country,

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Interesitng to see how low the UK is on this list,with 8 Eastern European countries and El Salvador ahead of us.

Press freedom and democracy under threat in the UK?.

New Liarbore can hardly be called the bastions of free speech.

The UK's ranking 2007 30
2006 27
2005 23
2004 29
2003 26
2002 21

The most free country-Finland (1)
The least free country North Korea(167)

Interesting to note the Israeli occupied terrortories have greater press freedom than most Arab countries.Not that this goes reported in the media.
The United Kingdom’s ranking (28th) is largely due to the situation in Northern Ireland, where journalists are constantly threatened by paramilitary groups. The investigation into the 2001 murder of Sunday World journalist Martin O’Hagan has come to a complete standstill.
Considering we live in a country where all and sundry are terrified of the press, where politicians go out of their way to buddy up to the big press magnates. Where government and media conflict on a daily basis and where newspapers are aloud to print lies (Daily Hate and the Scum) without anything being done against them, I fail to see how this can be true.

If indeed it's N.I. that is throwing the statistics off then I think we can the conclude the survey is bugger all use telling us about what is happening in the rest of the UK.

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