Presidential elections in Moldova

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 31, 2016.

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  1. Relax? I'm on tenterhooks........ There may be some sarcasm in the above.

    Thanks for the update re the Court
  2. I believe that I mentioned back here: Presidential elections in Moldova the the issue in Moldova was that the pro-EU parties were massively and systemically corrupt and people associated with them were involved in the theft of a staggering proportion of the country's wealth. The new president could win by simply being not them.

    Relations with Russia quite probably ranked much lower in the minds of many voters than doling out retribution to the thieves in office or to people they saw as being associated with them (whether personally deserving of such punishment or not).
  3. Yes, it is quite possible that the main reason was namely corruption inside the ruling elite. No doubt it matters.
    However, there were 9 candidates during the first tour. Only two of them mr.Dodon and mr.Chubachenko (came 3d) can be regarded as 'pro-Moscow'. Most of the candidates are not connected to the ruling elite and are not responsible for corruption in any way. Buy they got only handful of votes. Many candidates are hard-core nationalists, unioninsts (supporters of union with Romania). All of them failed miserably and it can not be explained only by corruption.
    Also, there is one special region - Gagausia where pro-Russia feelings are strong. It is wine producing area where locals hope to restore access to Russian market.
  4. Not sure why you missed Ms Sandu off the list. She came 2nd after all, is pro West it would appear and jumped parties regarding who was in it:
    Acțiune și Solidaritate (Moldova) - Wikipedia
    Moldovan presidential election, 2016 - Wikipedia
    As you say above though, if she feels the vote was rigged she should appeal
  5. The results of the elections are too well know to repeat it.
    But there is an interesting question: what was the main reason for mr.Dodon's victory?
    1) Wishes of the Moldovans to develop friendly realtions with Russia or
    2) Dissatisfaction with the ruling elite and its permanent corruption.
    @terminal believes that the option #2 explains the results. Thus ms.Sandu hadn't sufficient support because the people look at her as at representative of Moldovan corrupted elite while mr.Dodon apparently is not connected to it. But there were 9 candidates and some of them are as mr.Dodon not connected to the corupted elite. So why they hadn't get more or less visible number of votes? There is only one possible cause - their political position - mainly pro-EU, nationalist, unionist (union with Romania).
    As for mr.Dodon then he as a typical politician is just an opportunist. In interviews with Russian and pro-Russian mass media he speaks about friendship, prospects of economic relations and so on. Western journalists are being told about European choice. Romanian ones hear speeches about Romanian brothers.
    The West had at time good relations with Communist president Voronin. I think that moreover common language will be found with opportunist Dodon.
  6. The Gagauz tried to separate from Moldova during the break up of the Soviet Union. This is a common theme in ethnic struggles - each minority group has smaller minorities within its own borders, who in turn have their own grievances and aspirations which the larger minority don't appreciate.

    This is why the process of state disintegration can get so messy in multi-national states.
  7. I believe 52% or so of the country voted for a combination of 1 and 2 personally. Some all 1, some all 2. Some 1 and 2. Some for other reasons.

    48% may have been influenced by 1 and 2 but felt that she was the better candidate or felt the corruption was dealt with or just wanted better ties with the West.

    Narrowing it down to 1, 2 or even six reasons is quite hard to do whichever way a vote goes. There's often a combination of factors from blind stupidity to a sense of everything and all factors in between
  8. In Russia, Moldovan president says he may scrap EU trade pact
    In summary, President in Moscow says he's thinking of cancelling the EU trade deal. He went to the polls stating there would be a referendum on EU relations. Now wants to call an early election as the 'pro EU govt' has said they will not support his direction.

    He's also said the President "should be neither pro-European nor pro-Russian". Putin has said "It needs to be recognised that mutually beneficial ties with Russia deteriorated against the background of attempts to force a closer relationship with the European Union,". Dodon says "We are not against the EU, we have common borders, but you cannot build a relationship on anti-Russia rhetoric," Still a lot to play for ....:
  9. Russian envoy to Moldova confirms expulsion of five diplomats
    Oops, it doesn't appear to be going well between Moldova and Russia. Quel surprise:
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  10. Reuters of the Word at work again. It withhold important details.
    Додон осудил действия молдавских властей в отношении российских дипломатов
    Moldoval president Dodon condemned the action of Moldovan government that is merely Washington's puppet. The extradiction itself means nothing and after the next parliamentary elections there will be new government.
    Current one acts according to orders from Washington - big deal.
  11. :) you've had a rhetoric injection again. 'Washington puppets' freely elected as is 'Putin's puppet'

    We'll see in the elections but as usual it's another example of Putin 'winning friends and influencing people'

    Yours, 'a lapdog poodle, capitalist running dog puppet' :rolleyes:
  12. Exclusive: Russian diplomats expelled from Moldova recruited fighters - sources
    It's Reuters (who can't independently verify the allegations) and will undoubtedly be denounced by (one or more of) the propagandists but it would appear the reason for the expulsion would be that they were recruiting for E Ukraine:
    No independent verification:
    Russian Dep Foreign Minister says it's "idle gossip":

    Allegedly sent to a trg camp near Rostov:
    Not confirmed by Ukraine SBU at this time but they are believed to have provided the original info:
    Apparently they are from a region called Gagauzia:
    Wiki on Gagauzia: Gagauzia - Wikipedia
  13. Moldova passes divisive election law amid street protests
    The two largest parties (pro West [Parliament] Democratic Party, pro Russia [President] Socialist part) have agreed to change the electoral system to a 'first past the post' one:
  14. Moldova sends troops to NATO drills despite presidential veto
    Despite the President saying no, the Moldovan's have still sent troops to a NATO Exercise: