Presidential elections in Moldova

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 31, 2016.

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  1. Post-Soviet world: what you need to know about the 15 states
    It must be 'pretty amazing stuff' if the 'useful idiots' continue to ignore it

    It will take decades to remove the endemic corruption
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  2. As for Russia then at least some corrupted officials face justice. Previously governors of Sakhalin, Komi and Kirov areas, deputy minister of Culture were detained for corruption and have prospects to spend years in the jail.
    By contrast, there are no any detentions for corruption in Ukraine. But does it mean that all Ukrainian officials are crystal clear in this respect?
    As for these 'ratings of corruption' then, for example the USA is on 16th place. But what does it mean? That there is no corruption?
    List of United States federal officials convicted of corruption offenses - Wikipedia
    List of United States state officials convicted of federal corruption offenses - Wikipedia
    Only in Illinois alone 3 governors and 4 local senators were caught on corruption.
    List of United States local officials convicted of federal corruption offenses - Wikipedia
    3 mayors of Atlatic city were involved in corruption.
    New York City Police Department corruption and misconduct - Wikipedia
    And with such an impressive record the USA is regarded almost free from corruption? Really?
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  3. You've missed my point completely and you're arguing by using whataboutism again.

    I'd be very surprised if there was no corruption at all whatsoever even in the top scoring country and also in the US.

    And it speaks volumes why you picked out the US to point out corruption in other countries.

    You said there was virtually no corruption in Russia in comparison with Ukraine. I'm just pointing out you have nothing to crow about as Russia's score and ranking is not that much better.

    And it seems the anti corruption campaigns in Russia are fairly selective in that it's only either for show or to move against those that Putin picks as victims.

    The Loyalty of Fear

    Ulyukayev's Arrest Is a Tectonic Convulsion for the Russian Government
  4. Nyet.
  5. Does that mean Moldovan accents sound like the Count from Sesame Street?

    I'd care more if they did.
  6. Sound Russian mate. They all speak Russian, or at least all the ones I met did.

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  7. Well, I propose not to use any (apparently politically motivated) ratings.
    As I have said previously, corruption in Russia is a big problem. As for Ukraine then corrition here is modus vivendi where corrupted power even doesn't imitate fight with corruption.
    Meanwhile former deputy governor of Sankt-Peterburg was detained - corruption, fraud. Allegely about $12-13 mln. were stolen by him.
    2 deputy governors of Kemerovo area (in Siberia) along with senior figures in law-enforcement structures were detained. They demanded bribe in form of shares of coal mine that cost about $16 mln.
  8. Oh so predictable.

    Please demonstrate that these are politically motivated polls, since to say they are politically motivated you must have some evidence to base your judgement on.
  9. Transparency International: Russia One of the Most Corrupt Countries
    Must be political motivation. I mean after the economy and health it's third on the list of concerns of Russian citizens :rolleyes:

    What is it about these former Soviet countries that leads to such high levels of corruption? Is it inherited? Instilled?
  10. I also would like to quote your source
    Lithuania? EU country is one of the most corrupted in Europe?
  11. Which part of 'former Soviet countries' did you not understand?

    Agreed on Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, albeit that is probably more 'Communist influence' and Serbia does have a long standing relationship with Russia IIRC :)
  12. The new presidents of Bulgaria and Moldova are less pro-Russian than advertised
    Looks like the Moldavan election may have to be rerun. I can't see anything more recent than this article from mid November though. We await any appeal unless somebody knows more:
  13. Both presidents are not pro-Russian. They are respectively pro-Moldavian and pro-Bularian. Buth try to sit on two chairs. Both don't plan to severe ties with the EU and both wish to establish mutially profitable relations with Russia. Yes, both are jsut head of state - not PM. However, the result of the elections reflects the will of the people on both countries that can not be just ignored.
  14. I tend to agree that both are pushing for what they can get from both 'camps' albeit I disagree on their leaning especially when quotes about severing ties with the EU are bandied and we have a PM in Bulgaria resigning. Btw, you said he was pro Moscow: Presidential elections in Moldova
    Read the HOTO notes

    The main point was a possible re-run of the election.

    All of this state wide endemic corruption in these former Sov states is frankly alarming and makes me wonder whether any former Sov state will be (relatively) corruption free ever let alone in decades if they're still like this after 25 plus years
  15. Ms.Sandu still hasn't filled complaint to the Constitutional Court while according to this Moldovan source
    Конституционный суд не будет рассматривать жалобу Майи Санду о нарушениях на выборах » || Информационный портал Гагаузии №1
    Ms.Sandu should go to ordinary court with evidence about any wrongdoings during the elections. And ordinary court would be able only to make a verdict about volume of violations. Even if it would happen then protest would be made by mr.Dodon and the case would go to the Supreme court. And only then in the case of positive for ms.Sandu decision she would be able to go to the Constitutional court. The procedure could consume months, many months and the outcome is not clear.
    So relax.