Presidential elections in Moldova

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 31, 2016.

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  1. It is a matter of time.
    Also some territories that the UK controls are not internationally recognised as a part of Great Britain (Gibraltar, the Falklands) but who in the UK does care?
  2. How many times do you have to be told the same thing? Only a handful of the usual suspects recognise Crimea. You were condemned by 100 Nations.

    Conversely, only a handful of the usual suspects don't recognise the FI (for example) as British territory.

    Please stop comparing apples and hairy caterpillars
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  3. Have you been doing the usual Soviet army trick of drinking the anti freeze because the vodka ration has been stolen by the officers?

    As scalieback has pointed out, the examples you've picked don't back up your statement.
  4. I'm just drinking beer... Spaten (from Munich). I baught it for 106 Roubles per bottle (=1.3 Pounds). And Leffe dark awaits me.
    Today I celebrate a holiday - one of corrupted ministers - mr.Ulyukayev was arrested for huge bribe. I'm waiting for following detentions.
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  5. The government of which you speak were the pro-Western, pro-EU political forces. They were discredited due to their massive corruption. To the people of Moldova, anyone other than them is an improvement.
  6. So you are drunk then.

    And you want other countries such as Ukraine to be closer to or be 'friends' with the corrupt gov't of theives and crooks.
  7. Its completely backward and totally corrupt. I was banging the ex mrs of Vlad Druc, that well known Moldovian Film Director... She was as fit as a butchers dog and looked like a cross between Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie. Really nice girl and she used to goose step as she did her mandatory military service in the army. Exiled in London

    just saying
  8. You seem to have missed his posts where @KGB_resident said he is drinking in celebration of the arrest and hoping that more follow. I think he posted the story already on this or another thread.
  9. Obliged to you, chap: I'll remove my cheap jibe.
  10. In comparison to Ukraine there is no any corruption in Russia.
    Drunk? Few bottles ... 3 ... no, now 4. It is not something serious. To be drunk I need to dring also vodka. But today is not vodka drinking day for me. So I'm almost sober.
  11. Yes, here
    Dedicated Russian thread
  12. As mentioned above, they were steeped in Soviet corruption. If you are unable to accept that, it says more about you
  13. Have you forgotten why you're celebrating? One of your ministers has just been arrested for corruption though I suspect that's more to do with Putin shifting the deck chairs than fighting corruption.

    In comparison with Ukraine, Russia is slightly better but about the same level. So don't get ideas above your station.

    According to this index, Russia scores 29, slightly better than Ukraine at 27 when the top score is 91 so nothing to be superior about and no way close to saying 'there's no corruption' by comparison with Ukraine.

    Transparency International - Country Profiles

    But you'll probably try and discount it by saying it's political and it's all a Washington plot.
  14. Pretty amazing stuff this "Soviet corruption" if you can be steeped in it by the age of 3.

    Many of the leaders in the scheme were either students or even infants when the the Soviet Union disappeared. It takes some serious mental gymnastics to avoid admitting that Moldova is suffering from Moldovan corruption.
  15. Does anyone else read KGB's posts in a Russian bond baddy accent?