Presidential elections in Moldova

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 31, 2016.

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  1. They has happened 30 October and were the first direct elections during the last 20 years.
    After 99.33% votes counted we see that
    Предварительные результаты выборов президента Молдовы 30 октября 2016 года
    It looks as the second tour will be needed because no one has absolute majority
    Who are the leaders? They are
    - Igor Dodon - openly pro-Moscow candidate, chairman of Socialist party.
    - Maia Sandu - American educated economist, worked in the World bank. She was supported by ruling pro-Western coalition and also by pro-Western opposition. Other main pro-Western politicians didn't take part in the elections and supported ms.Sandu.
    Third place is occupied by Dmitry Chubachenko (with 6%).
    He is also pro-Moscow candidate from 'The Our Party' that head Renato Usatiy
    has to flee Moldova being (many suspect falsely) accused in criminal acts.
    Mr.Usatiy is a businessman and is very popular in Moldova. He was a mayor or the second largest city in the country. Rulling pro-Western coalition feared (they have ground to think this way) that mr.Usatiy could be elected as a president.
    Opinion poll made before the elections gave mr.Dodon about 35-40%. So Moldovan pro-Western (both from ruling coalition and from opposition) politicians hoped that their candidate ms.Sandu has good prospect to win.
    But there are realities on the ground.
    Now, apparently pro-Moscow candidate - mr.Dodon would be Moldovan president.

    Why elections is this small, poor, God forgotten European country are important?
    The are Russian troops in Trasdniestria (separatist Moldovan region).
    Also Moldova is a model country and its example shows future probable outcome of future Ukrainian elections.
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  2. Where?
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  3. There is a country in Europe - Moldova (it is between Romania and Ukraine).
    Local language - Moldovan is in fact Romanian (though with a lot of borrowings from Russian). Most of Moldovans speak Russian and for many it is a native language.
  4. Pro-Russian candidate to face second round in Moldova presidential vote
    Do they go back east or do they carry on going west:
    Moldova - Wikipedia
    Transnistria - Wikipedia
  5. So will Sandu have an unfortunate accident before the run off, will Dodon get over 100% of the votes in the run off or will Russian troops cross the border after a Sandu win to 'protect Russian minorities'?
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  6. There is an interesting detail.
    According to Moldovan Law independent candidates have to collect petitions in their support with no less than 15000 signatures. It appears that 4 candidates got less real votes during elections than 15 thousands.
    The most interesting character is Ana Gutsu. She got less than 2500 real votes.
    She looks as a character from Harry Potter, does she?
    Her real surname btw is ... Petrova. But she regards herself as Romanian and changed her surname to Gutsu.
    2 years she was an MP and her legislative initiatives were remarkable. She proposed to call 16 May as a day of national mourning. That day Russian troops cleared modern Moldova from Turkish troops and Turkish rule. She proposed to provide state funding only to schools with Romanian as a language of education.

    Edited to add. There is a lot of handsome Moldovan women. Sofia Rotaru is Ukrainian born, ethnically Moldovan singer that is fantastically popular in Russia.
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  7. I believe that she will serve to Moldovan people as an MP or in other way. She is well educated, nice woman and could represent Moldova in international organizations. Why not?
    I wrote about it previously. Now Moscow tries to use democratic methods (elections) to promote pro-Russian politicians on the post-Soviet space. Clever electorate that votes in the right way would be given by economical carrots. More right (in the case with Moldova) be paid for carrots, apples, other fruits and vegetables, for wine and so on. Moldovan wine and brandy are very popular in Russia. So access to Russian market would be very helpful for poor Moldova.
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  8. Who cares? Moldova is in the Russian sphere of influence of what god damn interest is it to the West?

    Up until the EU got it's lebensraum tendency it was well within the Russian sphere......
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  9. Apparently you are Putin's appologist or/and influenced by Putin's agitprop.
    First of all. At least now Moldova is not in Russian sphere of influence. The West tries to do its best to incorporate this small country in NATO, the EU but without any visible results.
    Yes, Moldova itself is not so important. But it is an example. It is a model. It could cause domino effect on the post-Soviet space (especially taking into account that Ukraine is quite near).
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  10. Are you suggesting that the Ukrainians will take their lead from what happens in Moldova? Really? Why would they do that?
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  11. Yes, Moldova is, in fact, a demonstration of future (possible) political processes in Ukraine.
    Economical situation in both countries is about the same. The right word here is catastrophe. So end of rule of corrupted pro-Western elites (in both countries) is predictable.
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  12. You think Ukrainians will swap for corrupted Russian elites? The same elites that have financed the destruction of the Eastern regions of their country?

    Interesting perspective.
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  13. Despite mentions of food and drink exports, above, the main industry of Moldova is money-laundering from Russia to outside. This is also the country where, in just one theft, an eighth of the countries GDP was 'disappeared'.

    A favourite method involves making a 'contract' between two shell companies for delivery of goods or services, one company in Moldova and the other external. The contract is not met (the goods are fictional and never existed) so the external company goes to court in Moldova with the contract as evidence and a (bent) judge orders payment from inside Moldova to outside though the funds have actually entered Moldova from Russia. Bingo, clean money based on legal paperwork.

    It seems unlikely that this situation can be cleaned up in any democratic way, so perhaps the country is stuck in the Russian way of doing things.
  14. I used to work with a Moldovan girl. She was lovely.
  15. Eastern regions were damaged by Ukrainian military after orders issued by pro-Western politicians that captured power by force.
    It is up to Ukrainian people to decide its future. What are chances of pres.Poroshenko and parties from ruling coalition to be reelected
    Corruption Is Killing Ukraine's Economy
    Note, that pres.Yanukovich had much bigger (about 20%) approval rating before the coup happened in Kiev.
    It mirrors the situation in Moldova. So expected outcome would be about the same.
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