Presidential Candidate John McCain

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Lipo, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. I'm thinking about voting for this guy.

    He's the only one now staking their candidacy on unequivocal support for the war in Iraq. He knows the war is unpopular - and yet he continues to steer into the wind. I like him just because of that.

    "Despite these welcome developments, we should have no illusions. This progress is not determinative. It is simply encouraging. We have a long, tough road ahead in Iraq. But for the first time since 2003, we have the right strategy. In Petraeus, we have a military professional who literally wrote the book on fighting this kind of war. And we will have the right mix and number of forces.

    There is no guarantee that we will succeed, but we must try. As every sensible observer has concluded, the consequences of failure in Iraq are so grave and so threatening for the region, and to the security of the United States, that to refuse to give Petraeus's plan a chance to succeed would constitute a tragic failure of American resolve. I hope those who cite the Iraq Study Group's conclusions note that James Baker wrote on this page last week that we must have bipartisan support for giving the new strategy time to succeed. This is not a moment for partisan gamesmanship or for one-sided reporting. The stakes are just too high.
  2. Well Lipo, it is your decision that should be respected. Sen. McCain is known also for his tough position toward Russia. Do you support his intention to exclude Russia from G8, to unleash in fact a new edition of the Cold war?

    As for Iraqi war, then apparently you believe that the victory is possible. How do you define 'the victory'?
  3. He also no doubt thought the same thing about that other little adventure you got caught up in ,began with a V and ended in total humiliation
  4. Shouldn't this be in MNHQ? I'm sure it would get a better resonse from people who are more aware/interested in the political situation in the US.
  5. A man of principle who has spent the last 18 months kissing the ass of Jerry Falwell. Great.
  6. Yes, I do.

    The leadership is now a shody, lying dictatorship without the common decency to submit its rule to the legitimate vote of the Russian People - almost precisely like the PRC. The only thing missing is the Communist Party. It appears that Putin thinks Russians can be placated with only limited economic freedom without the political freedom they deserve.

    Russia is now a principate. It is a terrible mistake.

    Putin looks at China and thinks he sees success in their version of mercantilist communism and through it, the perceived opportunity to maintain political power indefinitely at home. I color myself skeptical that Putin will ever willingly depart the political stage while he is alive. He's a thug and a peasant. Its time for another revolution.

    It's a good thing I compose this post from within the United States. I might otherwise be shot in an elevator.

    I define victory as the pitiless slaughter of all the jihadis - one at a time, and the long term economic and political development of a self-governing, self-defending, pluralistic, democratic Iraqi state.
  7. I have to say I do agree with Lipo (as ashamed as I am to do so). McCain knows his position is unpopular, but he won't cave in the name of getting votes. He takes political chances and does what he believes is right. He fought the president on torture because he knows torture is wrong (he knows first hand).

    I think he's right that Petraeus has a solid strategy. He's said before that things have been mishandled so far, but we might be able to turn it around. Maybe. As he said, there is no guarantee. He likely will lose horribly, but he has my vote anyway. There are few people in Washington I can respect these days.

    edit: I don't agree with lipo's latest post. Jesus christ man
  8. Im sure once you have done with clearing the middle east of rag heads you can move on too re winning the cold war!

    Chief Joseph, distance all you like you know that Lipo is a one trick pony, and he will no doubt have this thread attracting the best from the naafi... lol Go grab your self a Coke and a Smile!
  9. American people. Real power in USA belongs to big money, to the FEW, no matter how American people vote. In this sense Russia is like USA. Real power belongs to the FEW, to big money.

    Some as mr.Abramovitch used these 'limited economic freedom' in rather unlimited way.

    Ask yourself, have you political freedoms in USA? Do you use them in real life? Absolutely the same freedoms exist in Russsia.

    Many thanks, but your obedient servant is unwilling to take part in any revolution. I simply don't see any reason for it. Somebodies in USA dislike mr.Putin and I'm not his big fan but the majority in Russia supports pres.Putin, his policy despite the fact that it is estimated as 'wrong' in Washington.

    Btw, I like Cuba but am not dreaming about one place on the island.

    It appears that Iraqi war created more jihadists than were killed. As for the noble objective to create prosperous Iraqi democracy then only Iraqis themselves are able to reach it and last 4 years showed that military force in unusable for this purpose.

    Returning to sen.McCain and his attitude toward Russia, I doubt that a confrontation with Russia would be in American interests.
  10. I'm voting for McCain. I think he's a got a good head on his shoulders. Sensible, not going to weigh too heavily for one side, and I do sincerely believe he wants what's best for everyone. Mostly because he's not petty like the rest of them. He recognizes that votes aren't important, it's the issue. We need more people like that.
  11. You're correct that big money has a big influence in American politics. Highly regulated and transparent political contributions paid directly to presidential candidates are viewed within the news media as a proxy for popularity and as an imperfect indicator of likely electoral success.

    Even so, Bill Gates of Microsoft could run for the US Presidency. He could spend his fortune to the maxium extent allowable under US law - and Bill Gates would still lose. Everytime.

    Money matters, certainly - but not as much as you would think. Far more important to electoral success are public perceptions and a candidate's ideas juxtaposed against the American historical narrative (its zeitgeist). The media is highly influential by supplying its own narrative of the American zeitgeist - along with its impressions of the candidate.

    A successful candidate will make emotional, ideological and economic connections with ordinary, individual, likely voters - those that choose to participate. Roughly 1 in 3 Americans actually vote for president on election day.

    Putin is able to maintain a 70% approval rating by threatening the press with death. Peaceful public demonstrations matter little without a free press to cover and publicize them. Putin is afraid of unrestricted press and the likely judgement of Russians he professes to serve.

    Yes, I do have political freedoms. Anyone can freely criticize the President on down without fear of assassination. I take great satisfaction in realizing and exercising the political power of 1 individual in the United States.

    I vote in every single election. I call my elected representatives. I send them angry letters. If you think this doesn't make a difference, well I humbly suggest you simply don't understand the principles of self-governance still maintained by freedom loving Americans, much less what political freedom really means.

    Fair enough. It's your country. In any case, Putin in not simply "wrong". Putin now exhibits an unbridled and undisguised thirst for political power. By crippling the press, Putin intentionally damages the great nation of Russa. Unrestrained from the villainous Putin and others like him, Russia could become the most powerful nation on earth. Easily.

    Russia must lift restrictions on freedom of the press. The need is absolute.

    Yes of course you do. Cuba is a glaring 3rd world advertisement for the glories of communism. You do well to insinuate nefarious doings in Guantanamo. It is quite simply indicative of your very poor arguments thus far. I suspect you are aware of the facts, but then again, perhaps there's no real need to avail yourself of them.

    You insult jihadis by imagining them to be "upset" that we should want to kill them for wanting to kill us. You are surprised? That our enemies mobilize, recruit and fight should not be surprising. Did you think the enemy would do something else?

    Iraqis were not able to realize the removal, trial and execution of Saddam Hussein on their own. It was done for them by the coalition forces. Self-determination is a fine concept as an ideal - but when it is thwarted by the realities of a modern police state, self-determination is the equivalent of waiting for Godot. Absent an invasion, Saddam Hussein would be alive today.

    Putin would find devoted friends in the United States if he would simply submit to an unrestricted press - truly free. The United States does not seek confrontation with Russia. We seek cooperation in our mutual interests.

    Your devoted jingoistic neocon and admirer of the Russian people,

  12. So Lipo wanna man up and answer my question. Im interested in substance not spin? in any political candidate.
  13. McCain is impressive in many ways. But he's unlikely to get the Republican nomination because he's far too much his own man, and a loose cannon whom important sectors of the Republican Party can't trust.

    Big business has already been snubbed by him, and he wouldn't have the Bible-Christians' support to anything like the extent GWB has had. To lack the support of both Mammon and God would seem fatal to presidential hopes.

    There's something in today's Seattle Times that suggests his campaign - and at his age this'll be his last shot - is running out of steam and direction.

    See :
  14. is this the same throbber who reckoned it was safe to walk around Baghdad markets (whilst wearing body armour, surrounded by ca. 100 American troops, and a handful of Blackhawk & Apache helicopters? the next day 20-odd people got killed there...)