President Obama- the Hundred Days

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Barely_Black, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. whirlwind of change.....enough already

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  2. so......when does the change start Boss ?

  3. pass the victory fries - plus ca change

  4. Steady as she goes

  5. what change? mad as hell - getting madder by the minute

  6. The beltway bandits got him......dang.

  1. Article from the 'World in 2009'

    Apologies to those who may have read this item long ago.

    Inauguration looms......what can Joe and Jane Sixpack expect in the first 100 days....and what can he deliver?

    Watching from afar with interest.


    ( is there still a sandwich stand in the middle of the 5 sided puzzle palace?)
  2. Whether or not he can get his stimulus package through and restart the moribund US economy will depend much on Republicans. They are already hemming and hawing about it - odd, since they didn't mind giving out huge tax breaks to the wealthy.

    As Paul Krugman has said, "The biggest problem facing the Obama plan, however, is likely to be the demand of many politicians for proof that the benefits of the proposed public spending justify its costs — a burden of proof never imposed on proposals for tax cuts. "
  3. I was in DC at the last Inauguration by coincidence.....doesn't seem that long ago (and a lifetime in other ways)

    [ funny the weird things that you notice - a freight train in the middle of town for instance. It was also considerably warmer]

    No disrespect Kevin but I'm more interested to hear what the expectations are from Main Street, Peoria rather than MSM policy wonks - whichever fish wrapper they write for.....what does the Cleveland Plain Dealer have to say?

    ( grain price is in the toilet....suicides in Glom County peak.... Carrel County Picture Show due.......Hogs on the rampage...pix p7,8 &10)

    The chatterati give me gas :D

  4. Well, I work as a consultant, so travel quite a bit and talk with all kinds of people. Seems like those who are currently employed at what they perceive as a stable job aren't that worried, whereas those of us who are either free agents or unemployed are hopeful Obama's stimulus package will jump start US economy.

    Problem is, what Mr. Krugman says is not policy wonk talk, but a political reality. The republicans could try to block this package - ironic that - as they don't mind pouring money into the black hole of bank aid, an unnecessary war and tax cuts for the wealthy. :roll:
  5. Hmmm.....Great Expectations.....

    SOURCE Daily Mail , Saturday 17 Jan 2009

    Cultural footnote for non-UK readers: The Daily Mail is a Fleet Street title with a circulation of 2.2M in period July - Dec 2008 [Source] - compared to The Times (619,000) and The Guardian (345,000) in the same period. All these are outsold by Rupert Murdoch's red top The Sun (3m daily)

    Much derided by the chatterati as a 'right wing hate rag'.......but The Mail could fairly be said to represent a significant proportion of British sentiment.

    ( the cliche concerning The Sun, OTOH, is that it's readers don't care who rules long as she has a 38 DD chest, on view Page 3.....)

  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    from that scurrilous pinko fag Economist,in November last:
    testing times.........anyone can steer the ship - in calm seas.......

    * No, Fort Meade - they're kidding....just a literary conceit....
  7. Well people, that's the honeymoon period over and done with.......I note the results of the poll.

    This would seem to indicate that, whilst 'Ready for A Change' was the campaign theme, it's ..........kinda.......taking time ?

    Be interesting to hear a staunch Dems voice telling me what has ACTUALLY been achieved thus far.....Brit media coverage is rather limited to

    A) Which MP's snout is buried furthest in the trough
    B) Which reality show hopeful has just been checked into a 'rest home' for shattered expectations.
    C) variations on 'We're all doomed ah tell ye - DOOMED ! '