President Bush's (41) new haircut.

Former President Bush has my respect on this one.

The small boy of a member of his Secret Service detail lost his hair to leukemia treatments. All of the members of the detail shaved their heads in a show of solidarity. President Bush decided to shave his head too. By the way, news reports here say the prognosis is that the boys treatments will be successful.


Former President George H.W. Bush Shaves Head In Solidarity With Cancer Patient |
Judging by the photo he didn't have that much hair anyway. However it is the thought that counts. Nice one George.


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Regardless of what you think of his Politics (His deficit spending was IMHO nuts) the guy genuinely gives a shit about those whom he had the privilege to command - seeing him welcome back troops from deployment at DFW is another good example. Lefties such as Barry only care about the little people in a "we know what's best" kind of a way.
I hadn't realised he used a wheelchair.

Last winter when he was in hospital for pneumonia he developed symptoms of Parkinson's and has to use a wheelchair for anything more than short distances.

Bac in '86 when he was VP I spent a week working with a lot of USSS agents at a special event. Lots of the agents had been assigned to his home in Maine when he was in residence there and they all loved the guyas very down to earth and friendly to the agents. Only negative thing said was from agents who ran with him and said "he runs too fcukin far for an old guy" Apparently when Barbara would go to pick wild blueberries it was a bit of a nuisance as they had to have agents with shotguns due to the prevalence of black bears in the area but when they got back to Walker's Point she would always make a blueberry pie for the agents in the "guard shack".

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