President Blair

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spent_case, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. If this happens I'm moving to China.


    Is there no escape from these gimps?
  2. It clearly pays to be an a**ehole,doesn't it?Living proof that the Devil looks after his own.
  3. What, With B'liar as His Wonderful Magnificence, the Prez of All Europe and The Lying Cheating Unelected Self-Deluding Cyclops CNUT in charge of all the dosh in the world, never mind feckin China, I'm off to Dignitas or Bridgewater.................... :omfg:

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  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    That just makes sure that there will be NO referendum in Britain regarding the EU constitution, unless Liabour are kicked out of office toot sweet. (Notice I am practicing my foreign lingo just in case)
  5. The one-eyed Tyrant has to call an election in a year or so.. Unless they change the rules. Which I expect they will.

    He'll no doubt sell some Chinooks to pay for his election campaign..
  6. In reality,no,there really is going to be no escape from 'these gimps'.However,the ones to really worry about are the ones we rarely see on TV screens rather than people like Blair and Brown,the ones at these secret meetings,e.g. the Bilderberg crowd et al.When was the last time anyone had any influence over their deliberations using anything which one might recognise as a democratic process?Precisely-never,and never will,since one is only voting for their be-suited lackeys and errand-boys.THEY(the globalists) are the people in the driving seat,not mere Governments who simply and unquestioningly obey them.Hence the reason for the refusal of all mainstream UK political parties to commit to a referendum on the Lisbon treaty.
  7. How many more houses for him and the tragic mouth will this earn?
  8. Damned good idea old bean. What, with the marvelous job he's achieved here, one can only dream of the state he'll leave Europe in. :idea:
  9. Sedition against the government will soon have us all on it books... May we soon face the choice of sovereign or state.

    I know where i stand.
  10. President Blair? He's had delusions of granduer ever since he started sniffing around Bush
  11. Also posted on the "walk in the woods" thread, caught this on Radio 4 along with his chair at Harvard/Yale, can't remember which one where he peddling globalisation and faith, this individual has a serious Messiah complex:

    Tony’s bid for sainthood

  12. Didn't he get a Gong off Dubya as well? The fackin throbber
  13. A fcuking mausoleum next would be nice
  14. Yes he did - so, that will be another award by the US Government that has lost value then.