President Blair waits on voters of Ireland

Folks, time to get the bus fuelled up!

From The Times
October 2, 2009

'President' Blair waits on voters of Ireland

Tony Blair is in line to be proclaimed Europe’s first president within weeks if the Irish vote “yes” in today’s referendum.

Senior British sources have told The Times that President Sarkozy has decided that Mr Blair is the best candidate and that Angela Merkel has softened her opposition.

The former Prime Minister could be ushered into the European Union’s top post at a summit on October 29.

Ms Merkel, the German Chancellor, was opposed to Mr Blair because she believed that the post should go to a country that had adopted the euro but British sources said that she may now be “biddable” if Germany and France get plum posts in the new European Commission.
I'm not sure if this is an underhand way for the Thunderer to try and affect the vote in the ROI, but I cannot imagine one person in the ROI, or on here (ok, maybe a few) who would welcome Teflon Tone at the helm....
And therein lies a perfect example of all that is is wrong with the EU. Apart from the fact that they are even considering TCB we have the 2 main players deciding who they want to take over as 'President'. The electorates of Europe have no say, no voice and no remit to get rid.
SH, this is another case of deja vu.

Back in '97 when the Chattering Classes (Woolly) were raving about "The Third Way", the CC (Subversive) were grumbling that his ultimate goal was, yes, you've guessed...

Give credit where due, the man is single minded, in a cinema godfather sort of way.

Poor bloody 'Micks'. Told what to do by the unelected Commissars of the European Soviet Union.

The precise message given by the Commissars, as translated from political diplomatic 'speak', was:

'Get is right this time you thick potato gobbling, bog-dwelling, Guinness guzzling Paddys, or we cut off the bribes'.
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Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer..
Even Adolf would be a better leader than the untrustworthy cnut Blair
I wonder who his 2i/c might be?

I never realised Eric Clapton was a senior nazi........... :D
Well he did go around shooting sheriffs
and, in this case, he's welcome to shoot the deputy.
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Classic,just classic
And at the same time very deeply disturbing!
Very Very disturbing thats democracy knackered then. With a general election looming I bet TB will grace our shores on a fact finding tour dragging the Mrs as she plays the pikey after the freebies.