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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Has anyone got any good suggestions for preserving top threads (eg Life after a tour)?

    Making them sticky will soon clog up the board. Should they be archived into the wikipedia?

  2. It'd be a pain putting them in the wiki. How about another sub-folder "best of TA", or just have a FAQ type page full of links to the thread? Like Cutaway has done here:
  3. Thre is already a best of naafi forum, something simlar perhaps?
  4. Yeah, a new subfolder.
  5. Subfolder — top idea.

    Even better, why not syndicate the rights to ArmyNET so that it goes into the material that (purportedly) gets sent to the Army Board.
  6. And here was me expecting some advice on dry cleaning expensive suits....
  7. MSR,

    Whilst a new sub folder would be the logical solution I don't know if the CO's would be able to create it so that you had the only rights to move topics into it whilst non mods were prevented from starting new topics in it.

    It may also prevent any new posts form being posted on the threads if they are in such an archive type forum.

    A simpler solution may simply be (as suggested above) for a sticky topic to be created with links to the classics.


    p.s. who decides what is a classic??

  8. The sticky with links it the best idea I think.

    As for who decides, the best every month should be on one of the voting threads maybe, the winner takes all.