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When I left as part of Options phase 2, I got a 'Preserved Pension'. In the intervening years, and after several house moves, I've managed to lose the bumf that came with it. Can anyone throw any light into this particular gloomy corner? ie What is it? I've got a feeling that it comes into play when I'm 60 but more than that, I can't remember. Many thanks!
Preserved Pension A pension which is kept for a member leaving the Armed Forces after a minimum of two years’ service or a transfer in from another scheme but before becoming eligible to receive a pension immediately. For AFPS 75 members who have not reached the Immediate Pension Point – the preserved pension is payable from the age of 60 for service built up before 6 April 2006 and payable from the age of 65 for service built up after 6 April 2006. For AFPS 05 members – the preserved pension is payable from the age of 65.
Qualifying Service This includes: paid service in the Armed Forces;

You will be a member of the AFPS 75 scheme.

There is more detail on pensions at
You are correct. At age 60 you will need to write to AFPAA Glasgow to claim your pension, obviously giving them Regtl details. In the meantime it is useful to ensure that the APC always has your forwarding address. You will also get your Preserved Terminal Grant which is three times the annual rate of pension.

Moral is put a note in your diary now!
Thanks, chaps! Hooray - only 17 years to go!!
Just on the off chance that you are typing from your hospital bed - the preserved pension can become payable earlier if you become permanently incapable of work.

Actually I know a few still serving that could qualify .........

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