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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by crusoe, May 15, 2012.

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  1. I will be 60 in two days will i get my preserved pension on my actual birthday.sent form 8 off 3 months ago and ive heard nothing since served from 71-80 as corporal.any reply would be great.
  2. I applied for my preserved FTRS pension in Jan of this year and I'm still waiting. The pensions dept at SPVA Glasgow frequently don't receive the letters and forms I send and you cannot call them direct, nor will JPAC put you through. Recently I sent a letter and forms by special recorded delivery so I could track them (it gave me the date & time of arrival and the name of the person who signed for them), it still took a phone call 2 weeks later and registered complaint before I received a letter saying they had indeed received all the forms and were working on it.

    I would suggest though that you ring 0800 085 3600 and explain that you sent your Form 8 off 3 months ago and haven't received an acknowledgement of it's receipt; they should be able to see on their system if your form has been received and logged. Then take it from there.
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  3. Hello Crusoe - first, good luck. Second, how much are you expecting to receive? I served 72-83 and left as a Sgt. I turn 60 in Nov next year and from EScotia's experience will be bombarding Glasgow with correspondence.
  4. cheers mate. i received a receipt from them 2 weeks after i sent the form off but ive heard nothing since. hope yours works out ok.
  5. hi retread2. i havent got a clue how much, always keep us in the dark dont they. will let you know how i get on. thanks.
  6. Your pension will be paid approximately one month in arrears and your lump sum within 30 days of your 60th birthday - although it must be said that SPVA usually do better than the 30 days allowed.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow.
  7. many thanks for the info very helpful.
  8. thankyou
  9. New to forum so I hope this is in the right place. I am sending my preserved pension notification next week to Glasgow by hand with a visiting friend, I turn 60 in December. I served from 71-79 and left a Cpl. Does anyone have ballpark figure of what I should expect?. I live in a remote part of Eastern Europe with a practically none existent postal service (hence hand delivered form) and a touch and go wireless phone/net. Also after sending the form, are they likely to ask for more paperwork as I would like it all delivered by hand at the same time. Cheers for any replies.
  10. Did do anything it just arrived. They could hardly say they didn't know they've had years and years of notice. Given the level of technology and information handling available anything short of a seamless transition is deliberate procrastination.
  11. Thanks EScotia
  12. I have emailed them before but they normally write back rather than reply to the email. Normal etiquette is if you email you should follow it up with snail mail (I know, in this day & age), but at least SPVA are normally very good at following up requests etc.

    I've never had much joy with pensions via the helpline as I've always been told the helpline does not have access to the pensions dept tel No's!

    Did you see the form on the link for Oversea's Pensions Mandate Forms?
  13. The postal service here is generally too insecure for official documents as I have "lost" copies of birth certificates and passports when being sent to other pension providers. As I have relatives going back to Glasgow in a couple of weeks I want to make sure that they don't just take the form but also any other docs I may be asked for before the pension is paid. My initial enquiry about pension figures was just in case somebody might have served at the same time with comparable Rank. A bit of forward planning as usual for me!!. I think I would have the pension paid into my UK account as I have little trust in banks here.