Preserved Pension

Can anyone help please.
I was diagnosed with Cancer last Sept,and undergoing treatment and surgery I am 54 and been told that I wont be able to work for a long time to come.
I have applied for My preserved pension to be Paid Early through the Not going back to work full time. My preserved pension is Only £600 when I left in 1978,can anyone tell me how much it will be worth now,I have tried the Pension calculator but you still have to be serving to use this.
Reason I ask ,Am I entitled to a lump Sum ??and if so how much do you reckon,as it is index linked as far as I know.
Many Thanks.
Glasgow will tell you, no problem.

If you want a ballpark unattributable internet response from someone who hasn't a clue but left about the same time as you and has just received a pension, you should get a lump sum of around £3,900 and £1,300 p.a. Probably total bollox though.
Many Thanks,I only served just over 6 years,£3,900 is what i thought but wasnt quite sure,will come in Handy due to being on Benefits,but been told it could take about 3 months to sort it,something to look forward to as this Disease really gets you down.
Preserved pension payable per annum for 9 years Army service, rank Corporal (financial year to March 2008 was) £2,433.53p, presently c.£2530.00

Get in touch with your local SSAFA and/or RBL who might well be able to help speed up the process.


Med discharge 2013 on tier 2 pension. War pension awarded 30%. Applied for preserved pension early as too ill to work again with letter from doctor. Received letter stating you have tier 2 pension and war pension so no more. I said I know what I have been granted but this is for preserved pension from former service. Write to us and contest decision they say. Why it's your mistake. Because we cannot do anything without letter, mod policy. But you have admitted it's your fault as you can see preserved pension on the computer. You will still have to write in. Is it me or has the world gone mad?
Thanks, that's saved me a search.

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