preserved pension claim for service 71-79

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Forces Pension Society, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. I have just been alerted by email to this question but cannot locate the thread:

    "New to forum so I hope this is in the right place. I am sending my preserved pension notification next week to Glasgow by hand with a visiting friend, I turn 60 in December. I served from 71-79 and left a Cpl. Does anyone have ballpark figure of what I should expect?. I live in a remote part of Eastern Europe with a practically none existent postal service (hence hand delivered form) and a touch and go wireless phone/net. Also after sending the form, are they likely to ask for more paperwork as I would like it all delivered by hand at the same time. Cheers for any replies."

    In the hope that the poster recognisers the title the answer is as follows. As you left in 1979 you would have had to have 5 yrs service from the age of 21 to qualify for a preserved pension and that preserved pension is payable from age 60. As I work it out, you were over 18 when you joined so all of your service would count.

    When your chum delivers the letter by hand to SPVA, they will send you a form to complete if what you have sent is not a claim form as such. I note that your postal system is not too great. I have just spoken to SPVA on your behalf and they say that, alternatively you our go, on to the SPVA homepage and follow the links to AFPS 75 preserved pensions. Download AFPS Form 8, complete it and email it to They they tell me that they do not need any further information.

    Regarding the amount, send me a PM telling me the date you left and how much they said you would get, and I will 'up-rate' in line with pension increase measures.

    I hope this helps.
  2. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  3. Mind if I mention that the above appears somewhat ambiguous to me. Is it right that the first bit highlighted reads "5 yrs service from the age of 21", or should that be 18, given what the second highlighted part says?

  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I'm no expert, but it may be connected to the new pension scheme in 1975.
  5. I've been on the SPVA site a few times trying to find a preserved pensions calculator and to date have been unsuccessful, does such a thing exist?
    I have a PP for service 74 to 84 (9yr due to boy service) and have no idea what to expect, and is there a gratuity payment upon commencment?
    Any info gratefully recieved from those guru's in the know
  6. Yeah cheers, I'm OK with it - have a preserved pension waiting (calculated from when I was 18...) - had the now yellowing papers for, ooooooh, years, just thought that the "from 21" bit was out of kilter. Quite gave me the vapours, it did.

    Added: All calculated (just) post -75, as you mention.
  7. Quite right Carrot. Suffering from jet-lag after a week off. Apologies. He will have a preserved pension based on all of his service and, if he tells me what they told him he was due in 79, I will put it through the calculator and give him an up to date figure.
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  8. I don't believe they give you a calculator on their website. but see your PM
  9. PM Sent
  10. Just replied.

    Best wishes.
  11. Claim now taken to Glasgow by hand by relative. Now I sit back and wait!! :).
  12. Does the preserved pension start and get paid on your actual day of your 60th birthday each month or is it paid on a certain day each month. Thanks :)
  13. It is 'approximately' one month in arrears. Approximately is in inverted commas because it may not be exactly one month after your 60th birthday but, once they have given you a date, it is paid on the same date each month unless that date falls on a bank holiday or weekend. If it does, they pay on the working day prior to the due date.

    Hope this helps.
  14. Thank you once again.