Preserved pension after 2015 and signing off?

Can anyone tell me if this subject has been covered before. Just for instance say a soldier served 21 years on the April 1st 2015 could he in theory sign off on the 2nd of April 2014 and leave a year later with a 21 year immediate pension Can anyone tell me where the DIN is for this or has it not even been thought up yet? Im just being inquisitive how this is going to pan out as im sure one year of the new pension will not be worth hanging around for. Sorry if it is blatantly obvious somewhere.
Or try doing the pension calculator.
Already looked at the pension calculator Just wondered what if any rules have been wrote on this are they going to make everyone serve till their 22 year point or let you go with I.P and gratuity after say20/21 years any body got any ideas?

I'm pretty sure you still have to do 22 years to get IP(unless of course it is a Med Discharge), assuming you are on AFPS 75.

AS Escotia said join the FPS and ask them.

Under AFPS 75 you have to do 22 years service from the age of 18. Under the Future AFPS "accrued rights" if you leave after 22 years (in this case in 2016) then you will receive the pension accrual up to 1 Apr 15 base don your final leaving rank when you leave plus an extra year under the new scheme (which we don't really know how that will look).

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