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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Phil306, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I agrea with sentiments in the proposed law. It certainly against the rules in the UK to wear medals to which you are not entitled. It is also against the rules to wear them incorrectly. Medals remain the property of the Crown. Whether its against the law I'm noy sure, and whether it would be possible to prosecute someone for wearing medals to which he/she was not entitled I'm not sure about either.
  2. I seem to remember from my OSPRE study there are some offences related specifically to the wearing of medals that are not held (although I could be wrong). Using the claim of holding such awards to, for example, lie on a cv to obtain employment is of course a deception under long standing legislation.
  3. I believe this is covered by The Army, Navy and Air force Act which is Civil Law rather than criminal law the last time I herd of this resulting in a prosecution was a few years ago when a civil servant was spotted by work colleges at the cenotaph on Nov 11th wearing a South Atlantic medal with Rosette, and possibly a GSM 62 with Ni Bar, said person had never served in the armed forces nor was entitled to these medals via any other government service. As I remember the case resulted in a fine and the idiot being held up to public ridicule.

    As to serving members of HM forces putting up gongs that they are not entitled to there have been a number of incidents that I am aware of that usually result in the culprits being told privately to remove them as not to cause embarrassment to their Cap badge.
  4. They are only Crown property whilst the soldier/(hello)sailor/crab is serving: essentially no different than any other item of kit. This is why it's naughty to sell them on eBay and then pretend you've 'lost' them.

    Wearing medals one is not entitled to will result in the following:
    a) A 252, or...
    b) A good kicking in the RAFA club car park after a few jars.