Presents Opened

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scroffula, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. No L, No L the angel did say, thereby making the alphabet one letter shorter (three letters actually because E T went home)...just opened the pressies with band radio, chocolate santa and books upon books...looks like it'll be a butter chicken, butter chicken christmas but if you can't bop along like the cutely-drawn characters from northern animation (cartoon) what can you do? Merry Chris Mouse one and owl!
  2. Oh pionierlieder! You make me quite wet when I listen to Der Kleine Trompeter *sniff*. Viva the GDR and if you decide to have a dip in the river let me know and I'll sell the footage to Halfords. Best pressie ever this CD is!
  3. Looks like someone got crack for christmas!
  4. Needs a crack on the head, methinks!!!!!
  5. Well done cockula, you are now the starter of 98.2% of the threads in the arrsehole. Oh just noticed you have been banned and reborn, wouldn't easter have been more appropriate?

    Edit- I tell a lie the old account still seems active. Is it a scrofula walt or is he just bored? Either way they are both cunts.
  6. Cocula...isn't that something in your ear...stirrup, anchor, saddle etc? Amazing those little bones when you think about evolution...bacteria to fish to mermaid to man and so on.