Presents from the ex's folks!

Even though I am divorced and the ex Mrs Willis is now being tupped by a Jock with a stutter. The ex in laws still send me presents. They are as follows, Viz annual, Lynx Africa, 1 x box of Cadbury's Heroes and a 3 pack of Playboy socks (size 7 - 11).

Is there a hidden message in these gifts? They never bought me Playboy socks whilst married to their daughter. However I am only half way down the box of chocs and have already been hit with the Xmas day shits???
The choccie consumables have been spiked with ExLax: the drill being that you read Viz, eat the choccies, larf like a loon and then shit yourself many, many times.

Can't speak for the Lynx, though: maybe they think you're a cunt?
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