presents for her indoors

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by burnt-or-buggered, May 13, 2007.

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  1. its that time of year again the other halfs birthday is looming and the only help i get from mrs bob is buy me something to make me look sexy, the only thing i can thik of to do that is a rowing machine or some other type of exercise machine any ideas?
  2. Maybe a paper bag with a face drawn on it?
  3. Divorce 'er Bob! Save the money, go on lash. Present problems solved!
  4. These will do the trick mate.

  5. E-Layer - did it take you long to get the ensemble on?!
  6. Be careful with this. I bought my missus a rc helicopter last year - bl**dy divorced now. Best present decision ever.
  7. don't be so fucking disgusting - I stick to phyz - she's the pervert!

    In fact, I've just bought myself a new exercise ball.


  8. PMSL - You look younger than I imagined E-Layer! - mind you I suppose the appearance fee comes in handy. I know the thread was raised by BurntOrBuggured - can see which angle you took this from!
  9. Them Bloody Roman Catholic Helicopters
  10. Why not join in

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