Presents are kind but its too much for Afghanstan

Presents are kind but it's too from our loved ones are being lost

By Chris Hughes 16/12/2009


Santa has come early for thousands of our troops in Afghanistan... with tens of thousands of unsolicited parcels from strangers back home.

But the overwhelming generosity of the British public has come at a price.

Because the weight of chocolates, packs of noodles, socks, bath products, Santa Claus outfits and paperbacks - enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool - has almost blocked the postal system.

And that means personal gifts from loved ones of the 10,000 troops on the front line in Helmand are not getting through.

Sergeant Major Jock Connor, 39, from 29 Regiment, looks ruefully at the weight of gifts piling up in the Camp Bastion post room, shakes his head and says: "The British public are extremely kind-hearted sending all this gear out to us, but it's too much.
This was covered on Radio 2 a couple of weeks ago. I think the best way forward on this is to have a priority system where friends and family would indicate on their mail that they are a priority 1 sender and all the generous and kind people sending mail and parcels for the good and benefit of the troops should indicate that it's priority 2 mail. In that way, all the most important stuff gets through, and if there's time and resources, the priority 2 stuff can be delivered. I can't imagine this would be too hard to implement.
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