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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Aug 18, 2006.

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  2. PMSL

  3. this has been proven to be happening, rueters have had to remove hundreds of photograph after they were proven fakes.

    I knew the "massacre" at jenin was fake. but when exactly was it discovered that the shelling on the beach incident was fake, i would be very interested to see proof as this was used throughout the world for weeks to demonise isreal. and many people on this very forum used it as proof of the isrealis being institutionaly a bunch of murdering phycopaths.
  4. I not sure what indecent you are referring to. Are you talking about Qana ? If so the Photos of the incident were staged for maximum propaganda effect. The incident was not a fake there were people killed.

  5. no im talking about the family of seven who were supposedly shelled by isreali gunboats, the article referred to this as a fake.

    I remember this being headline news on the BBC for awhile, showing images of isreali ships firing artillery and then a crying girl whos family has been killed, if this was a fake it has not been reported to be a fake on any mainstream news channel in the UK.

    Which logically if reporting is fair it should because it was headline news for a whole day, so shouldn't it being fake also be headline news.

    After seeing the Paliwood video, Green helmet man, the isreali girls writing on shells and now this Im taking Arab casualty figures and news coverage with a huge pinch of salt!

    this comes up if you type in "beach shelling" on BBC news website

    the bbc have not ammended there coverage at least on thier website, it seems the day of the british journalist being the most objective and trusted in the world is now well and truly over, this is absolutly disgracefull as you can find below on the same website this;

    this is another article that you can find if you type the name of the HRW investigator Mark Garlasco

    incidentally, HRW themselves are still demanding this is an isreali attack

    this is the kind of propaganda isreal are up against, and large parts of the Uk are willing to lap it up and critise isreal, and when its proved bollox or exagerated or staged, it will not get reported.
  7. I am just not familiar with that incident.
  8. i said I remember it being headline news, not you.

    submitted a quick complaint to the BBC
  9. Follow this link for an interesting review of Orla Guerin's objectivity:

  10. "Here in the south of Lebanon no-one doubts that Hezbollah won this war... (they) told me that they’d had to live as refugees for a month but Hezbollah had made them proud... In a month of fighting, Israel couldn’t beat Hezbollah - probably not how its ally the United States expected things to turn out. For George Bush this is a bad chapter in the war on terror... To many here and in the Arab world Hezbollah are covered in glory...”

    gobby hezbollah bint

    we are paying for un-baised coverage of a very important issue, one that should not be subject to propaganda, the BBC used to be above propaganda
  11. Even without the posted article is was obvious that Israel could do no right. Despite numerous concessions to the Arabs and being surprisingly restrained at times, as soon as they try and defend themselves they are then portrayed as the bad guys. I do wonder how much of a "freedom fighter/underdog" fixation Western reporters have.
  12. Lies, propaganda, sounds just like our own government!
  13. the underdog fixation is a huge part of it, but maybe a factor in the BBC's biased coverage is the fact that they want to launch an arab channel to rival Al-jazzera, which has seen the BBC scrap several foriegn language services to afford it, shunning non-arab countries.

    of course that wont pay for the BBC's arab channel alone, the huge running costs will be coming from our licence fee. which will be £246 million for 2006-7.

    maybe im just cynical :roll:
  14. You know Britain better than I do, but in the US I see it as a class Issue. The press see themselves as a class apart. They see themselves as keepers of the truth and to separate themselves from the rest of us, Their sensibilities must be much more evolved . We must be constantly reminded of what base and ordinary values mere mortals have. This justifies a privileged role and bigger pay checks.

    of course maybe I am just a little hot headed :twisted:
  15. I despise Orla Guerin. Not sure why. I think it may be her promotion to super reporter, despite her skin-crawingly slimy voice and accent, purely on the basis of her dead martyr sister Veronica.

    She makes Gorgeous George Galloway seem like a bloody Neocon! Horrible Irish witch.