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Hi guys, thought I'd run something past anyone who was interested. I am currently knee deep in a Master's degree. This week we were given a book to read and present a short exegesis of its content. The book deals with how culture impacts on medicine and contrasts four countries, France, Germany, Britain, and the US. We had to choose one of the countries and present the analysis of the author as representative of that perspective. The writer is an American of British, French, and German ancestry. I emailed the Prof. who is an American as is the Dr. who takes us for tutorials. He is actually over here on secondment from Harvard. I intend to deliver the prose as if it was delivered to a conference, in a faux American accent of course. The content is of course from the book, but it has certainly been coloured by a little too much time spent on ARRSE ;)

"Dear Colleagues, I am happy to be at this conference and support the drive for understanding between us in our pursuit of excellence in biomedicine. My hope is that our four great nations, France, Germany, England, and of course my own nation the United States, may forge ahead against that great foe disease.

We see that the way to treat a condition is by gaining superiority, to totally dominate the enemy. A military friend of mine emphasised the difference between the Americans and English in their action against enemy snipers who managed to pin down troops. The British solution was to call forth the best shot, the American, call in air support. This is why we as Americans prescribe high doses of medication, perhaps only equalled or surpassed by the Russians, but then they had gulags while we only have Guantanamo. This said the English are beginning to see things our way, from reports they seem to be beginning to appreciate the merits of calling in bombing raids to deal with a problem; aggressive solutions, might IS right. To people who think that this approach lacks subtlety, it is this settler spirit, man set against the intimidating adversary of nature that defines the American; indeed it is this very spirit that has accompanied man in his path through evolution, the conquering of nature through culture. Thus where some of our allies...I mean colleagues...may look to more natural solutions, we look to mastery of nature, not appeasement. Anglo American doctors espouse the doctrine of ‘desperate diseases require desperate remedies’, just look how McCain’s suggestion of the surge has helped us in Iraq, God bless him. When confronted by a sick patient a doctor need to level their lances...I mean couch their lancets and charge the enemy. We don’t believe in doing nothing or such nihilist ideology. We in America believe in assertive action unlike those surrender monkeys, I mean our esteemed French colleagues, who can seem to advocate a somewhat laissez faire perspective in their approach to war...I’m sorry...I mean in their approach to medicine. It is not enough merely to hypothesise, while intellectual pursuit for its own end is esteemed in some quarters, thought can precede action but should never replace it. If I may ask what are these criticisms levelled at us for our rates of caesarean section? If they were good enough Caesar, they’re good enough for Americans. To critics of our use of psychiatric medications and high dosages over psychotherapeutic intervention, they work, we can’t have people flying around out of their heads, we want to bring them down, as quickly as possible, it’s disruptive, and when psychoanalysis is used it isn’t intellectual, it isn’t moral, it isn’t educational, it’s an operation. It rearranges things within the mind the way surgery rearranges things inside the body. Surgery resonates with our national psyche, if something is troublesome, “Cut it out!”. People say that our fixation with circumcision is somehow indicative of our desire to conquer nature and excessive concern with hygiene, but the French are famous for their perfume, the last thing they need is a foreskin!

I thank you for listening, commend to you assembled colleagues my thoughts, and bid you a good day."


ronnie12398 said:
You should've gone with the British Muslim doctor's attempting to blow up people and airports analogy instead. Seems to be more your speed. :wink:
Actually we had direct instructions not to do our own culture...Also I'm not sure that that your example would be considered an endemic representation of British doctors' ethics...more the exception than the rule.

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