Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by ironmanshock, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. I have been offered my first formal interview in a couple of weeks.

    However, I was told that the morning will consist of a presentation followed by the interview.

    Basically I am wondering what both parts will actually consist of?

    Will I be getting questioned on the presentation? Am I the one making the presentation?

    Do I need to do any considerable revision/ planning? Currently I am just making sure that I have a good knowledge of current affairs, the structure of the army and the role that I want.

    Any help would be extremely useful.


  2. Army presentations usually consist of sleeping followed by a smoke break , then a big sgt tells you a made up war story and if there's time left you'll get asked a couple of questions.
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  3. If it is you that's being asked to do the presentation, it may well be on a topic of THEIR choosing. It's to see if you can adapt and think on your feet. The topic may also have nothing to do with the Army.
  4. It will likely be an ACA providing the presentation. The quality varies depending on the ACA I am told. My ACA was excellent and gave a good presentation.

    The interview follows, perhaps immediately afterward, perhaps not - depends how many people turn up, and on whether you prima facie meet or expect to meet the entry requirements.

    Knowledge of Current/Military affairs is seldom wasted. An idea of structure, SDSR and so on may well be worth having also.
  5. Thank you for the responses.

    I reckon that I've done as much preparation as possible.

  6. I think my interview went as follows:

    Me; Hello, can I join the Army please
    Sjt: Why do want to do that?
    Me: My Dad, Uncles, Grandad etc were in, and a couple of cousins are in now,
    Sjt: OK, come back next friday and do some piss easy exams that you don't really need to do because you've got relevant O levels, then pick a job