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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Swerve_To_Lead, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. I'm due to be dined out the mess in about a month and i haven't got a clue what i should donate as a presentation.
    I want it to be quite funny but not one of those presentations where you can actually see tumble weed rolling across the table after you have pulled it out of the bag.
    Any suggesetions?
  2. Mess cartoons are quite fun - and due for a come-back in my opinion. Or how about a sheep's head snuff-box? Although most regiments/messes have one of those!
  3. Although not funny getting a watercolour of some significant location is appropriate but may not fit your timescale.
  4. If you are giving a presentation, use power point. If you are giving a present, how about some silver (make sure its not plate)
  5. I presented a Mess Webley once - wanted to use it by the end of the evening. On others of course.............
  6. A book - you can always find a volume in which the key characters match those of the mess, or perhaps the storyline echoes the general feeling within the mess (doom and despair).

    A picture - think about the regiment's battle honours. Maybe someone has missed something obvious - google the battle and see how much art there is of it.

    Silver is good, but not so popular since we lost our supply of dirt cheap silver from India, unless of course you are on mega-bucks (who knows, maybe you're the CO?).

    If you've been there some time, something I saw presented to a former mess was a mess tree - the picture depicted a tree and on each branch and running up the trunk were the names of every officer who had served during the presentees 3 or 4 years in the mess.
  7. I had a quiet chat before going with our PMC: he was drowning in stilton scoops and wine coasters but needed to get some of the every day silver refurbished. Perhaps not a very exciting idea but at least the mess benefits from my present every time they dine
  8. Whatever you give the Mess by service rules is duty bound to insure and maintain it and can only dispose of it with your clear consent. Hence why I considered donating a 6-foot ice sculpture to my Bn when I departed Cyprus! At least I'd have got something for my subscriptions for once.
  9. I believe a YO's course at Blandford many years ago fell out badly with the mess and presented a Marina burnished engine block.
  10. Nice touch! I donated a book on mullets to my Regt when I left. Ideal for the subbies to take out onto the German streets and spot the "Hairstyle of the Gods!"

  11. PMC suggested an engraved crystal decanter among others as a suitable presentation for our mess when I was to be dined out.