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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by fas_et_gloria, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. I'm after a presentation piece for the mess and I'd like to get hold of a lance. Clearly it's never going to get used (honest Colonel!) so it'd be fine as a reproduction rather than Victorian/Edwardian antique. Having 'googled' I'm no wiser, does anyone have any idea where I can source one, please?
  2. Have you tried "Lances-R-Us"? :D

    Try a militaria fair (they are often on at weekends up & down the country). If you're still struggling, there might be a place in Skipton that could help.

    Kind regards

  3. All they could offer me was an obsolete TACNUC and a guest invite to 50 Regt's reunion dinner...
  4. Uhlan Lance

    At one time, I think you could buy a lance through the RCMP museum. The lances were made in England though, so there has to be a better, closer source in the UK

    These guys are based out of Nottingham, the last time I went into their shop they had antique lances for about £150, postage and packing would be an issue I would of thought.
  6. Thanks. The US lot have just e-mailed to say that they will post to the UK as '...a lance does not constitute a weapon...'. So that'll do me.
  7. 'Like to see the postman deliver / stick that through your letterbox :lol:
  8. Ah yes. I've bought from him. Great guy, honest, good service.

    not sure he'll have lances, but you never know.